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    Password for the page - actionpointna

    Hello Themefyre!

    Love the Camyno theme. My client wants a specific code snippet that creates a form to open up as a form pop-up at the push of a button.

    I inserted this code snippet from the client into the Quick Java section in theme settings - 

    <!-- Start of HubSpot Embed Code -->
    <script type="text/javascript" id="hs-script-loader" async="" defer="" src="//js.hs-scripts.com/366864.js"></script>
    <!--[if lte IE 8]>
    <script charset="utf-8" type="text/javascript" src="//js.hsforms.net/forms/v2-legacy.js"></script>
    <script charset="utf-8" type="text/javascript" src="//js.hsforms.net/forms/v2.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
            portalId: '366864',
            formId: 'e02e1b75-9a4f-40d4-812a-1c9085e8a9f4',
            target: '#jdx-hs-form',
            redirectUrl: 'https://www.jedox.com/downloads/software/jedox_premium_latest_version.zip',
            sfdcCampaignId: '7010X000000mByp',
            onFormReady: function ($form, ctx) {
                jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
                    $('#jdx-hs-form .hs_website_content_url .hs-input').val(window.location.href);
                    $('#jdx-hs-form .hs_partner_salesforce_id .hs-input').val('001b0000043WHFF');
                    var stateStyle = $("#jdx-hs-form .hs_state")[0].style;
                    stateStyle.display = 'none';
                    stateStyle.visibility = 'hidden';
                    $(".hs_country select").change(function () {
                        var sel = $(this).val();
                        if (sel === 'Canada' || sel === 'United States') {
                            stateStyle.display = 'block';
                            stateStyle.visibility = 'visible';
                        } else {
                            stateStyle.display = 'none';
                            stateStyle.visibility = 'hidden';

    I then used this div to call the form using a text block module - 

    <div id="jdx-hs-form"></div>

    Is there any way that I can create a form pop-up from the page builder? I attached an example of the same form used on another site. Hope this isn't too much trouble...thanks again.

    Attached files:  Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 11.20.37 AM.png
      Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 11.25.41 AM.png

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    Alek replied

    I'm glad you're enjoying my theme! There is no way to create a custom pop up with the page builder as of now and I am unlikely to add this in a future version.

    I am transitioning from this support system to a new one located here: https://support.themefyre.com/

    Please submit all future support tickets there.