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Adding a blog to an existing Camyno website


  • Erica started the conversation

    Hi! I'm confused about how to add a blog to an established website. I've used WordPress to maintain another site that is just a blog, and I've managed this website for Arizona Cantilena Chorale for almost two years now. But I'm confused on how to update the website to add a page featuring blog posts we can update regularly. I see in the Support for Camyno something about adding blog shortcode. My web design/programming skills are fairly basic, so I'm struggling trying to figure it out on my own. I'm good at following step-by-step instructions, though! Can you point me to a place that walks me through the process of adding a blog shortcode? Or can you outline the steps here? Thanks!

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    Alek replied

    There are numerous ways to establish your WordPress blog, that's basically the core functionality of WordPress. You can designate which page serves as the archive page for your post from the theme customizer (Appearance > Customize). Or from your reading settings page (Settings > Reading) from your WordPress dashboard.

    Alternatively, Camyno does include a powerful blog shortcode for additional customization. Setting it up would basically go as follows:

    1. Create a new static page, name it whatever you want. ("Blog" for example).
    2. Enable the page builder (blue button just above the editor).
    3. Add a content section, then press "Add Row"
    4. Select "Blog"
    5. Press the pencil icon to edit it.Then go to Appearance > Theme Settings > Blog
    6. Change the option for "Blog Page" to the page you just created
    7. You can also customize other aspects of your blog related pages from this section of the Theme Settings page.

    You should familiarize yourself further with how WordPress works on a fundamental level to really get the most out of it, the Codex is a great place to start, for example this page explains the template hierarchy for all system pages: https://developer.wordpress.org/themes/basics/template-hierarchy/

  • Erica replied

    Thank you very much, Alek. This was extremely helpful. 

    FYI, for anyone else who follows these directions, there was one really important step that was left out:

    5. Press the pencil icon to edit it. Once you've picked your settings, click "Publish." (Don't worry that you haven't written any blog posts yet.) Then go to Appearance > Theme Settings > Blog

    Thanks again, Alek. I'm all set now.