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you tube in header


  • Tracy Vickrey started the conversation

    We have a video in the header area of our home page. (we are using the standard home page with a video template page). Our problem is the video is slow to load. We have compressed the video to the point it is poor quality (1mb), We have upgraded our server and its speed, and exhausted all other options to optimize the page load speed. We would like use a you tube video instead of hosting our own video in hopes we can get the page to load faster and to increase the quality of the video. Is there a way keep the exact same look and use a you tube video instead of downloading the video to our site? www.lucky7webdesign.com

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    Alek replied

    You could host the video separately using a service such Amazon S3 (a little pricey but extremely fast). Or you could look for a shortcode that makes it easy to embed YoutUbe videos that autoplay and don't have controls, not sure if one exists but it's worth a shot. You could also mess with the embed codes that YouTube provides, paste the into a text module (or even better create your own simple shortcode). Placed inside of a content section with no top or side padding.