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Theme Page Builder


  • T Williamson started the conversation

    I purchased and downloaded Camyno in Nov 2017.  I am attempting to use the page builder function, but the plugin was not included in my zip file.  The only plugin I can find is LayerSlider.  Please help.

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    Alek replied

    Camyno does not include Themefyre Page Builder. Instead it ships with its own page builder that was built specifically for it. Is there anything else I can help with?

  • T Williamson replied

    Hi Alek.  Yes, how do I get to it?  I haven't seen it while working in WP.

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    Alek replied

    After you have installed and activated Camyno, edit any page and look just above the text editor. You should see a blue "Page Builder" button. Pressing this will enable the page builder for that page.