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sticky menu background at widths 960 to 999


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    Brian started the conversation

    When the browser is between 960 and 999 pixels wide the menu drops below the logo on a new line which is fine but if you scroll down the page with the sticky header option on the background disappears and the text of the menu stays on creating an confusing jumble of text on the page.  Can the background be made to stay on or can the media query be modified to show the mobile menu sooner?  

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    Alek replied

    You're best will be to use custom CSS to reduce the font size for that screen size. Something like this might work:

    @media all and (min-width: 960px) and (max-width: 999px) {
       #header .navigation-container .primary-menu.dropdown-menu > li > a {
          font-size: 10px !important;