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No Static Front Page Option


  • Emily Lancaster started the conversation

    I just installed the Catalyst Premium Wordpress theme and activated it. I tried the child theme first, but noticed there weren't any page types (.php) files in there. I then activated the parent theme and am unable to locate the Static Front Page section in Customize. It actually didn't exist in either child or parent. Please help me figure this out. When I opened customize, both showed a basic blog page with very little styling. I don't see the front page at all in either. Thanks!

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    Alek replied

    The parent theme must be installed before the child theme, the child theme is supposed to be essentially a "blank shell" that lets more advanced users perform template editing without modifying the parent theme directly, which is preferred because updating the parent theme would then undo any modifications they have made.

    The documentation file needs to be updated, thank you for pointing this out. The section you are looking for in the customizer is now named "Homepage Settings"