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updating layerslider breaks theme


  • Emily started the conversation


    I'm finding that updating the Camyno theme breaks the layer slider integration and even just updating Layer Slider does the same. I tried both child/theme combinations and no matter what we lose the nav menu integration where the slider appears behind and also, the theme's visual builder wipes out all layer slider entries making it so we have to re-create rows throughout all the pages and fix the nav menu situation somehow.

    Can you help me, please?


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    Alek replied

    I am unable to recreate this in any of my testing environments. Can you send me to a page where you are seeing these specific examples so I can see for myself?

  •   Emily replied privately
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    Alek replied

    I am not going to do anything that could potentially harm a production site. The level of integration between the plugin and the theme has not changed at all since launch so I think there is another issue here that you're not seeing, additionally updating either to a newer version should not cause any issues and I haven't been able to replicate this on my end. Have you tried deactivating all other plugins?