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Camyno Theme Update


  • p_ravenous started the conversation

    Hi Alex, how are you?

    It seems we're having issues with the layout of the product gallery and page with no html/css/javascript changes using the Camyno Child theme.

    If you visit the URL, you'll see that the product gallery in a slider format, and that there is a large gap between the navbar header and the content in the body of the page.

    I'm just messaging you because I'd like to know what to do, and where we can download the 3.1 update for the Camyno Child theme if we need to as it's not available here on Creative Market

    Could you please send me a link to the update? How can i obtain future updates as well as a Creative market customer?



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    Alek replied

    It looks like you have a 3rd party plugin installed that is causing some layout issues. Try deactivating all of your plugins and see if that helps. As for the update I responded to your other ticket.

  • p_ravenous replied

    Hi Alek, 

    I've tried disabling the plugins but when I do activate the all important woo commerce plugin needed to run the ecommerce function on the actual website, the layout problems still apply. Could it be related to the new version of woo commerce adding a new version of their product slider?

    Here's a few links for your information



    Thanks again for your assistance!

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    Alek replied

    Thanks for pointing this out, I think you are right. I'm currently working on a compatibility update for Camyno that I will release as soon as possible to address this.

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    Joe replied


    Is the most recent Camyno Theme update uploadable through Wordpress or does it need to be done via CPanel?

    Thank you.

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    Alek replied

    It should be available through WordPress shortly. There is typically a delay until WordPress becomes aware that I have released the update.